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Nash is what they call him, and he has been a hip hop head since the 4th grade.  That's when he first got his record player, and his first two records My Philosophy  and Raising Hell  (if you are a real hip hop head you know the artist).  Nash grew up in a house with a lot of jazz. His pops was a huge jazz man, who had hundreds of albums, from Dizzy to Bird to Anita to Frank.  Nash wasn't into the jazz thing growing up; he just chalked it up as a "generation gap". However, his summer trips to New York City filled his plate with the hip hop he wasn't getting in Gainesville, Florida.  Growing up in Florida during the 80's, it wasn't the best place for him to hear hip hop music, but he did what he had to do, to feed his hunger.  There was The 2 Live Crew, Gucci Crew Two, and MC Shy D, but Nash wanted to hear the newest Biz, Kane, G Rap, and list goes on and on.  So as time passed by, Nash became his father, but it was the hip hop version.  He always found himself being that dude that everybody asked to make them a tape. He always on some "other $#!t", Nash friends would say to him, but he was always looking for what people wasn't on yet.  So when he met Walt in the late 90s, it was like he met a clone of his self on the hip hop side of things.  They hit it off from the jump, and about 12 years later here you have  WWLIRADIO.

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Walt has been labeled as the un-talkative one of the two, he would rather have the music he plays in his sets speak for him.  Growing up listening to late 80's R&B, Walt got introduced, and hooked on rap/hip hop music through $5 bootleg RunDMC, LL Cool J,Dana Dane and Slick Rick cassette tapes.  Raised in a city of booty shake & bass music, Walt chose at an early age to never roll with the norm and always search for something different or new.  A listener for those beats that catch you and the rhymes to mesh, are his deciding factors of what he considers tight (good) music.  Walt is always in tune for a new artist or new music, and willing to give anything a listen.  Don't ask him who's his top… because he doesn't have a "Top List" his saying when it comes to music "Either it's good or not, judge it for yourself, and who am I to tell you what to listen to, try something new and like it for your listening pleasure"

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wwliradio is composed of Nash & Walt, who are two guys that enjoy discovering good quality music.  Their mission is to bring to listeners a mind tingling music radio show, which breaks away from the pack of recycled radio shows.  The show is available on the internet via, your computer, phone, or iTunes podcast, at least once a month (sometimes twice) filled with quality hip hop music.  Nash&Walt knows there is an audience of music listeners that wants to hear to more than what's being play on the regular radio, or see on the normal music television outlets.  wwliradio.com wants to be your option in exposing and educating listeners to music artist from the East Coast, West Coast, Midwest and Down South.  All they ask is to give them a listen and they guarantee to you will find something new, something old, something fresh, or something for you.

Nash + Walt + Hip Hop = wwliradio

w(hat) w(e) l(ike) i(nternet) radio

"Giving Minds&Ears Options in Music&Radio"

C-Lo not seen, but very instrumental in all the camera work and Interview setup for all 2012 & 2013 A3C Atlanta Interviews.  Jack of all trades (singer,songwriter, producer, music executive, music consultant, businessman, visual artist/director, and a phenomenal/talented/loyal friend)  Hit him up below on Twitter for all business inquires.

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